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Traveling can be one of the best methods of education.  If your goal is to learn a new language or become more informed about a specific culture, an immersed experience is the ultimate way to go versus a tablet and Google.  How else will you learn the nuances of how residents communicate with each other, or discover the hidden gems of a well-known attraction?  Can you imagine trying to learn how to navigate the New York City subway system by just looking at a map online?  How do you know what “Uptown or Downtown” really mean?  There is no substitute for actually interacting with local residents. 

How could I forget? The food! Oh, the diversity that my taste buds have been so fortunate to be tantalized by are unforgettable.  Now, of course, there is nothing like authentic crepes from Bretons in Paris, or pizze from Tonda in Italy, though when you have an opportunity to visit a worldly place, like New York City, where there are “Little XYZs,” at every corner, you are in luck.  Here, authenticity is the name of the game. 

Young folks benefit the most intellectually from traveling.  At a young age they realize that there is more to life than their local neighborhood, city, or country for that matter.  I can remember my mother, sister, and I having to move around a lot when I was a young lad and the effect it had on the psyche.  By the time I was 18, I lived in four different states and at the tender age of 25 visited five different countries and countless cities.  I truly attribute this appreciation for travel to those early days although it was not technically travel

In my estimation, young travelers become worldly and appreciative of other cultures quicker as adults, than those adults who may not have traveled as much or at all when they were younger.  This bodes well for societies in general especially here in America, where the whole idea is to be welcoming to all diverse religions, cultures, and people.  For most youngsters their traveling escapade happens during the summer.  This provides them with plenty of intriguing content to share with their fellow classmates.  For me, it was a “What did you do this summer” paper for my English teacher and chatter at lunch amongst my friends.  Of course, nowadays this conversation takes place in the form of a YouTube channel, SnapChat, Facebook, and Instagram.  No need to harbor all of this great content until September anymore. 

I love traveling and my mother does too.  Now that my sister and I are adults our mother has boarded the travel train full time.  “All aboard!” And she’s off!  Whenever I am conversing with someone about some aspect involving travel, I always mention that I want to be like my mother when I “grow up.” She is brave, adventurous and, always learning.  Whether she is traveling with her compadres or going solo.  It does not matter.  If she has her eye on a particular place, she is headed there no questions asked. Travel? For What? Why Not

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